Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Websites I've Been Checking Out Lately

textsfromlastnight has been my fav. best entry yet:

(212): dude wtf did we explode in my microwave last night?
(1-212): idk but i think it had a face

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ATM Skimmers: How to Identify One

I rarely delve into consumer protection, but this article struck me as relevant and important. I was a victim of credit card fraud in August 2008 (not at issue in this article, but still) and it's been a pain in the ass dealing with it even today.

The article talks about ATM Card Skimmers. It has pictures and everything.

So, here it is.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Immutable Rule of the Universe #200

Facebooking and other ancillary/superfluous internet activity increases geometrically as time til finals approaches zero.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Okay, Okay, Okay

I can barely type this I'm laughing so effing hard. Sorry if I over-bill this vid, but GAHDDAMN!

I can't tell what's the best part:

1.) The breathing is obvious and hilarious.
2.) The headphones so he can presumably "psych himself up" as a weightlifter/runner would do is subtle and clearly unintentionally funny.
3.) The fact that he washes it all down with a Smirnoff Ice Wild Grape at 4 mins. 22 secs.

Be sure to turn your volume up. This one's for you Jwayne. 40 COUNT!!!

The United State of Texas?

So, the Texas Governor supports breaking away from the Union. I say, "let'em." Obviously, all federal funding will cease to the newly formed nation -- Texania(?), but we should maintain liberal trade policies and open borders with the new nation. As we learned in International Law this summer -- from the esteemed Prof. John Hopkins of Downing College at Cambridge University, Cambridge, U.K. -- when one group of people want to break away from another group, it's best to let them do that (e.g. India from England, U.S. from England, East Timor from Indonesia). Heck, the only time that pops off the top of my head that this didn't happen was the U.S. Civil War and I'm pretty sure that set our country back decades in progress and we're still dealing with the adverse effects today (See: the perverse outcomes of Affirmative Action, the insane expansion of the reach of the Federal Gov't, et al).

My suspicion is that this is all political grand-standing, however. Conservative state officials are merely saber-rattling to bring attention to the fact that they don't like the current Federal Gov't in place. It's like a stay-at-home mom telling her absent husband that she could leave, she could find someone who will pay attention to her. But that's just a threat, because she's scared to death of the prospect of having to undergo the social costs involved in finding another mate. Otherwise, she would have left him for another mate. But she knows she's not 22 anymore, so she stays with him, cuz it's still her best option. She just threatens him in hopes that he'll change, that's the best outcome for her.

The alternative argument to my thesis is this: Texans suck. They think they're so much better than everybody else. They're like people from NYC and SoCal (and not the ones that move there, the ones that are born there) except with southern accents and pick-up trucks instead of Chanel sunglasses and fake tans. Maybe they'll go through with it, and maybe they'll learn they're not so tough after all. Maybe secession will be a nice little slice of sorely needed humble pie.

Immutable Rule of the Universe #581

You will lose your ChapStick before you've used it all.